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ASA Executive Statement

Armenian Students Association: Message from the Executives


As we’ve turned a new page into 2017, the new executive team has been working hard to build on the foundations built by our predecessors. Our core goal this is year is to facilitate sustainable growth and structure in the Armenian-Australian student community, a forum for professional development and networking, career advice and opportunities as well as providing representation and a voice for students to voice their opinions, concerns and ideas. Ultimately, we are here to provide an environment for students to connect, to thrive, to discuss, and to unite within.

– Our Aims –

1. Cooperation & coordination

We understand that our community consists of various organisations, including youth organisations (i.e. AYF, ACYA, and AGBU). One of our core goals is to encourage unity and support for each other, based on principles of mutual respect and patronage. We are here to unite and work together on core goals within the community, to work for better opportunities and improvement (within the diaspora and within the homeland).

2. Cultural enrichment

Providing a forum for members to enrich their understanding of Armenian culture and history is an especially important aim. Our focus on these aspects of the Armenian identity is integral, as we discuss these issues through a scholarly and student perspective.

3. Professional Development

As a student organisation, we understand that our members and the student community are in the process of picking and carving out their career paths. By acting as a bridge between Armenian professionals and Armenian students, we aim to facilitate more opportunities for students, as they build their professional network.

4. Social Interaction

Through creating an environment of like-minded Armenian students, a key purpose that this executive team has had in mind is creating events to allow Armenian students to get to know each other and create bonds. This is an important part of allowing Armenian students to unite as a body and forge meaningful relationships at this stage of our lives.

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