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Welcome to our new Merch page. With some awesome tote bags and mugs, ASA is sure to satisfy your student needs! Be sure to get yours while stocks last!

All-Nighter Mug Pack


New Merch - $15


Picture this...


its 11PM, you have an assignment due the next day, and you have barely started the body of your essay, let alone begun referencing your sources.


Sounds like an all-nighter! 


Well, what do you need to stay up all night? Coffee!

and what do you put coffee in? A mug!


Buy our mug, with a total volume capacity of 350 mL, it is sure to support you on those nights when you need it most!


Not only do you get a stylish mug, but you get pens, coffee, a highlighter and a set of post-it notes to help you get on top of things.


Get the mug in both our "soorj" and "ayp pen kim" designs!

ASA Tote Bag


New Merch - $10


Wanna ditch the bulky backpack for something that is not only stylish but will hold those basic uni essentials?


How about a tote bag, printed with a modern Armenian design, which is sure to turn heads as you walk from lecture to lecture?


Get it in the "ayp pen kim", "mamig babig" and "mesrop mashdots" designs!

Delivery Information


FREE HAND-DELIVERY to areas within Sydney's North Shore. 
Charges will apply for delivery via Australia Post to areas outside the North Shore, subject to Australia Post postage costs. These postage costs can either be paid upon collection of the parcel at post-office or in advance at your request.

You may also choose to collect your items from Willoughby/Chatswood.
Please select 'Pick-up' as your collection method in the form below if you decide to use this method, and necessary arrangements will be made.

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